Feel Good Friday: The Stories Making Us Smile This Week

From Zoom meetings with baby animals to celebratory scenes at hospitals, there's plenty of good out there.


Photo provided by Hancock Shaker Village

It’s not all bad. In case you need a break from this week’s bleak news cycle, here is a dose of good news from Boston and beyond.

You Can Zoom with Baby Animals, for a Good Cause

The Hancock Shaker Village, a living history museum in the Berkshires, is getting creative in its effort to raise money at a time when it’s no longer welcoming visitors. So in case you’ve had enough of all these video conferences with coworkers and friends and want to up your Zoom game, the village is now offering 15-minute virtual hang sessions with cuddly farm animals in exchange for donations. You can also tune in to weekly Facebook Live videos featuring cameos from baby animals and facts with one of the village’s farmers.

People Are Beating This, and Celebrating in a Big Way

For those who survive the harrowing ordeal of severe COVID-19 symptoms in hospitals, some celebrations are certainly in order. So we’ve been seeing the raucous goodbyes patients are getting from the health care workers who took care of them. They’re a glimmer of hope for all of us, and a reminder of how vital doctors and nurses are right now.

MSPCA Adoptions Are Up

This is good news all around: for the people in quarantine who could use a companion, for the MSPCA and its work rescuing animals, and of course for the furry friends themselves. The Boston-based animal hospital and adoption center has seen a 20 percent spike in finding homes for animals in this crisis, and for that we’re thankful.

A Tribute to the Fairmont Copley’s “Canine Ambassador”

Cori Copley, the friendly black lab that is a beloved fixture at the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel, can no longer delight visitors at her normal perch. But this week the hotel’s staff arranged an adorable display of stuffed animals in her place. It’s no replacement for seeing the pup in the… fur. But until this is all over, it’ll have to suffice.

A BC Student’s Socially Distant Violin Performance

It’s always good to see reminders of how much musical prowess this city has to offer, and especially at a time when we can no longer witness all of it in person. Case in point: This video of Boston College undergrad Nova Wang performing a Dropkick Murphys tune in eight parts, all by himself.

John Krasinski Does It Again

He’s quickly becoming the A-list patron saint of good vibes during these decidedly bad-vibes days, and this past week was no exception. Office Jim called in some of his celeb pals to help soothe the angst of high schoolers who will be missing out on prom this year by throwing one of his own.