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When the Rollout Ramps Up, What Do We Do about Vaccine Line-Cutters?

For this early, and admittedly very “bumpy,” phase of the vaccine rollout in Massachusetts, much of the focus has been on making sure the right […]


Year in Review: 12 Headlines that Defined Boston’s Dining Scene in 2020

Well. It’s been a year, hasn’t it? At this point, it’s almost hard to remember a time when we all crammed around communal tables with […]

brenda cassellius

Inside the Bunker at Boston Public Schools

It’s a gray and frigid morning in Dorchester when Brenda Cassellius bounds toward me on the front lawn of Joseph Lee K–8 School. She wears […]

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As COVID Cases Climb, the Honor System Is the Law of the Land in Massachusetts

When Gov. Charlie Baker opened his press conference Tuesday afternoon to unveil the state’s newly re-tooled approach for handling the latest coronavirus surge in Massachusetts, […]

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What I Miss Most: Standing in a Giant Crowd of Strangers

Somewhere out there on YouTube, there’s a video of one of the happiest moments of my life. You can’t see me in it, though. That’s […]

City Life

What Boston Searched for in 2020, According to Google

Boston, you don’t need me to tell you that this year was bad. It was so bad! It was bad in the primary way we […]


The Interview: State Rep. and Emergency Physician Jon Santiago

Jon Santiago first caught Bostonians’ eye when he defeated the beloved 35-year incumbent Byron Rushing for a seat in the state House of Representatives two […]

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Fun Holiday Quarantine Recipes When the Thought of Cooking Makes You Want to Set Your Kitchen on Fire

Usually at this time of year, I would be making my 35th casual sweep through the office kitchen for the home-baked toffee someone left on […]

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Bostonians Are Moving to Vermont—and Vermonters Aren’t Happy About It

The man in the yellow Subaru was not happy when he spotted my Massachusetts license plate. My wife and I were parked outside the farmer’s […]

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Nine Not Terrible Things to Do for a Quarantine Thanksgiving

Yes, your traditional Thanksgiving is officially canceled and it’s awful. But after you’ve checked in with your family on Zoom and gone through the usual […]

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Could the Social-Distancing Era Make New Englanders More Friendly?

I know it’s not polite to talk with your mouth full. (I am a food editor, after all.) But lately, I find myself blabbing away […]

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Seven Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving Weekend Outdoors

With coronavirus case counts soaring and the CDC encouraging people not to travel for Thanksgiving this year, many families are looking for ways to spend […]

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Five New Hobbies to Distract Yourself from the Horrifying Prospect of a Quarantined Boston Winter

It’s been fun socializing in parks, hasn’t it? Such a sense of whimsy, like it’s the 1850s and this is the trendiest social event of […]

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As Election Euphoria Fades, a Weary Boston Asks: “Now What?”

Tiffani Faison spent most of her Election Week in deep-red Tennessee. The chef and restaurateur was filming new episodes for Food Network’s Chopped, and on […]

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See What the MBTA Thinks about Our Story about Workers Not Wearing Masks

Several weeks ago, I wrote an account of my experience asking several MBTA workers why they weren’t wearing required masks on the job. Afterward, I […]