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City Life

Does Anyone Else Feel like the Only Person Who Stayed inside All Summer?

Recently, I sat on a restaurant patio for a few hours with a friend, sipping lemonade and having a snack. It was a beautiful day, […]

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The Dentist Will Screen You Now

Way back when, during the simpler days of December, I made a routine appointment for a teeth cleaning. It was the sort of thing I […]

City Life

Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Marked the End of Casual Sex?

Not long after the virus first hit, I was in a committed relationship, so casual sex wasn’t really an issue. When the relationship ended, though, […]

City Life

Could COVID-19 Have Escaped from a Lab?

In January, as she watched the news about a novel virus spreading out of control in China, Alina Chan braced for a shutdown. The molecular […]

City Life

Five Places to Scream into the Void around Boston

It’s hard not to feel like life is teetering on the brink right now. Do I need to list the reasons? Considering that you likely […]

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City Life

When the Temperature Drops, Boston Needs to Stay Outside

After all the chaos and tragedy the city saw in the first weeks of the pandemic, by summer Boston had an improbable amount of breathing […]


Everything You Need To Know about the Virtual Boston Marathon

The cancellation of the Boston Marathon this year—for the first time in 124 years—is one of the many great cultural casualties of COVID-19. There are […]

City Life

It’s Never Been More Clear: Fare Hikes Won’t Save the MBTA

The MBTA has a serious budget issue on its hands. With so many would-be commuters working from their living rooms, ridership on public transit around […]

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City Life

Want to Know Why Some T Workers Aren’t Wearing Face Masks?

As we find ourselves deep into the sixth month of the pandemic, several newfound staples of etiquette, good sense, and lawful health and safety requirements […]

City Life

The Interview: Joe Curtatone Is a Rebel With a Cause

As the leader of one of the region’s most “abnormal” (his word) cities, Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone has never been afraid to go against the […]

City Life

A Bostonian Abroad in the Suburbs

During the first weekend of March, I was pretty busy. On Saturday alone, I took the Red Line into Davis Square to meet friends at […]

Home & Property

How Will COVID-19 Affect the Future of Home Design?

Architect Stephen Chung has approached the world of design from just about every angle. A master’s in architectural design from Harvard? He earned one. Experience […]

City Life

Traffic Plummeted During the Pandemic. Boston Should Keep It That Way

One of the eeriest parts of the pandemic has been the vacant streets of cities across the globe, as traffic disappeared while people stayed home. […]


This Falmouth Micro Wedding Is Giving Us All the Feels

June 5, 2020 The Moors Clubhouse Falmouth, Massachusetts THE STORY For Juli Laubner and Ben Elder, the road to “I do” first began in Woods […]

City Life

BU’s COVID-Era Message to Students This Year: “F*ck It Won’t Cut It”

Unless things change in the next few short weeks, thousands of potentially COVID-infected undergrads are headed to Boston this fall. You can plan all you […]