A New Sign in Kenmore Square Tells Drivers How Many Miles to Oregon

All 3,365 miles of Route 20 stretch from Boston to Newport, Oregon.

This is a sign that you should go on a road trip. (Literally.)

Today, a new sign was placed in Kenmore Square by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. It marks the distance between Boston and Newport, Oregon. Why? Because if you head down Route 20—and never stop—you’ll eventually end up in the coastal town of Newport.

The entire length of Route 20 stretches between here and there. At 3,365 miles, it’s the longest continuous road in the country. Now, every time you pass through Kenmore Square, you’ll be reminded of the distance to the Beaver State.

The new sign is a joint effort between Newport City Councilor Dean Sawyer and MassDOT Highway Administrator Thomas Tinlin. According to the Boston Globe, Sawyer hopped on a phone call with Tinlin, and they agreed to both put up signs in their respective cities. Newport erected its sign in November, but both cities held an official ceremony for the signs today.

“I think it’s a pretty cool thing,” Tinlin told the Globe. “There’s a lot that divides this country, but Route 20 connects it.”

Route 20 passes through 12 states from coast to coast. A road trip to the Pacific Northwest is in order, we think.