Marty Walsh’s March Madness Bracket Has UNC Winning It All

The mayor is feeling good about the Tar Heels.

Photo via Mayor's Office/Don Harney

Photo via Mayor’s Office/Don Harney

Mayor Marty Walsh may lack the basketball prowess of Gov. Charlie Baker or Attorney General Maura Healey, but that doesn’t mean he’s immune to the siren’s call of March Madness.

Walsh filled out a bracket for Politico Playbook’s VIP pool, which includes House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and Axios co-founder Jim VandeHei.

The mayor picked a handful of upsets in the first round: UNC Wilmington (12) over Virginia (5), Marquette (10) over South Carolina (7), VCU (10) over St. Mary’s (7), Nevada (12) over Iowa State (5), Oklahoma State (10) over Michigan (7), Middle Tennessee (12) over Minnesota (5), Kansas State (11) over Cincinnati (6), and Wichita State (10) over Dayton (7).

Walsh’s Final Four pits Villanova against Arizona and Louisville against UNC. But in the end, Walsh is predicting a 77-73 victory over Arizona and a national championship for the Tar Heels.

The mayor’s not to be underestimated. He and chief of staff Dan Koh gave the staff at BostInno a run for their money when the two participated in the site’s bracket challenge in 2014.