This Joe Kennedy Cake’s Unfeeling Eyes Will Stare Deep into Your Soul

Like a doll's eyes.

Photo via Joe Kennedy's Congressional Office

Photo via Joe Kennedy’s Congressional Office

Celtics great and amateur space expert Bill Walton celebrated 420 this year alongside Rep. Joe Kennedy III, as well as a fondant likeness of the young congressman plucked from the deepest recesses of Stephen King’s subconscious.

“Joe Kennedy III is a powerful, impactful leader with a true purpose & mission,” the San Diego native tweeted last week. “I am with Joe Kennedy forever.” The bug-eyed Cronenberg sitting atop a pedestal of buttercream and what appears to be sugar cookie American flags is not acknowledged.

Kennedy, whose district includes Brookline, Taunton, and New Bedford, has been rumored to be getting antsy in the House of Representatives, and expressed interest in Elizabeth Warren’s Senate seat had she been asked to join the Hillary Clinton administration that never was. The 36-year-old made headlines earlier this year for his stinging rebuke of the House GOP’s Affordable Care Act replacement, which he called an “act of malice.”