Martin Richard’s Dad Has a Message of Hope at Park Groundbreaking

“Today is undeniable proof that good will always triumph,” Richard says.

Photo via AP

We’re not crying, you are.

Martin Richard’s dad, Bill Richard, offered up a message of hope at the groundbreaking Wednesday for the Seaport park in memory of his son, Martin Richard.

“Despite the seemingly never-ending chaos and senseless violence … in our lives,” says Richard, who lost his 8-year-old son in the Marathon bombings, “today is undeniable proof that good will always triumph.”

Also at the groundbreaking was a painting of the now-iconic photo of the child holding a sign reading “No more hurting people. Peace.” After a weekend of violence, Richard says that’s a message we should once again take to heart. “His enduring message of peace that just continues to will people to come together for the common good, that’s why we’re here,” he says.

When complete, “Martin’s Park” will be accessible to children with disabilities and have features like slides, a model of a ship, climbing structures, and a wooden amphitheater.