State Police Chased a Rabbit on the Zakim Bridge

The wild chase was caught on video.

When a wayward rabbit found its way onto Boston’s Zakim Bridge last night, Massachusetts State Police hopped into action.

In a wacky video shared on Twitter, which has already been shared widely, a pair of troopers can be seen trying—and trying, and trying—to snatch the little guy as it escapes again and again along a median on the busy stretch, not far away from the peril of passing cars.

Luckily for us, the rescue attempt was captured on camera, and footage was later shared by State Trooper Dustin Finch. The clip he posted was was, wisely, sped up and set to the classic Boots Randolph joint “Yakity Sax.”

And luckily for the critter, the troopers were eventually able to apprehend it, using a combination of a cardboard box and what appears to be a blanket.

“Troopers caught this wascally wabbit on the Zakim Bridge tonight!” he wrote on Twitter. “Nice work. What’s up doc……”