Bryon Hefner Could Receive a Hefty State Pension upon Stan Rosenberg’s Death

Hefner, who was accused of sexual harassment, is listed as the recipient of his husband's benefits should Rosenberg pass away.

Bryon Hefner sits

Photo via State House News Service

Bryon Hefner’s pockets could someday be lined with tens of thousands of dollars in state pension money.

Hefner, who pleaded not guilty in April to sexual assault charges, is set to receive annual benefits from Massachusetts in the event of the death of his husband, former Senate President Stan Rosenberg. According to the Boston Globe, Rosenberg, who resigned from the legislature in May, designated Hefner as the recipient of his pension in the case of his death in an application filed with the State Retirement Board last week.

Rosenberg, who spent nearly 40 years in public service, will receive roughly $84,420 a year from the state, according to the Globe. Should he pass away, Hefner could receive around $58,260 annually, the Globe reports.

Allegations that Hefner had sexually harassed and assaulted several men surfaced in November. Accusers told the Globe that they hesitated to come forward for fear of retribution from Hefner and his powerful husband. Hefner was indicted on five counts of indecent assault and battery, one count of lewdness, and four counts of distributing photos without consent in March.

Though Rosenberg was not found to have violated any Senate rules in relation to Hefner’s behavior, a damning report released in May found he had “failed to protect the Senate from his husband, whom he knew was disruptive, volatile, and abusive.” He resigned soon after the report’s release under pressure from colleagues in both parties.

Hefner’s trial is scheduled next year.