Dunkin’ Will Soon Have Meatless Sausage Egg and Cheeses

For now, you can only get one in New York.

dunkin meatless

Courtesy photo

The rise of the eerily realistic meatless patty is happening at breakneck speed. Plant-based burgers are everywhere right now, popping up in spots ranging from your high-brow Boston restaurant favs to fast food drive-throughs. And now Dunkin’ is getting in on the trend.

Beginning in August, the company is rolling out a meatless breakfast sandwich. According to an announcement, it’ll be your typical Dunks egg-and-cheese, except topped with sausage made not from whatever animal it’s usually made out of but from plant protein (a vegan blend of peas, mung beans, rice, sunflower, and coconut oil). In a partnership with meatless mega-brand Beyond Meat, they’re calling it the Beyond Sausage Breakfast Sandwich.

“The Beyond Sausage Breakfast Sandwich offers the delicious taste and texture millions of Dunkin’ breakfast sandwich customers enjoy and expect with a juicy, savory Beyond Breakfast Sausage patty – made with 100% plant-based ingredients and a mix of spices crafted specifically for Dunkin,'” an announcement from the chain reads.

Unfortunately for you, dear Boston-based readers, you’ll have to travel to Manhattan to sample the new offering for now. New Yorkers were given samples at a taste-test on Wednesday before the full roll-out next month. A Dunkin’ spokeswoman says the plan is to go national with the meatless sausage eventually, but the company can’t “share a specific time frame yet.”

Heading up north any time soon? You can also give the sausage a try at Tim Hortons or A&W in Canada, according to Beyond Meat.