The Top Lawyers of 2021

Our inaugural list of the 1,099 best lawyers in the region—from corporate to criminal—as chosen by their peers.

lawyers at a conference table

Photo by Maskot/Getty Images

There’s no denying that law is a complicated business. And these days—from opening your new shop at Bow Market to navigating the purchase of your dream home in the ‘burbs to filing a personal-injury claim after your fender bender on Storrow—there are any number of reasons to seek assistance from an attorney. But with so many local pros to choose from, how can you narrow the field? That’s where we come in. This month, we’re thrilled to present our first-ever Top Lawyers list—specially curated to showcase only the region’s finest legal minds. To compile this guide, we invited lawyers in the area to nominate up to three of their peers in a select number of specialties. The top vote-getters in each specialty were then reviewed by an advisory board of select lawyers, chosen for their credentials and the high number of votes they received.

Sort by name, town, or specialty to find the lawyer you need—and breathe in a big sigh of relief. Help is on the way.

The List