Marc Hall, of Marc Hall Design, Showcases a Midcentury Classic

marc hall lounger

Photograph by Tony Luong

If you’ve ever been to an event dreamed up by Marc Hall, you already know that the floral designer has exquisite taste. It’s no surprise, then, that Hall’s eye for style extends to his Boston home, where this leather-and-plywood Eames lounger—a pinnacle of midcentury furniture design—reclines gloriously in the light of 16-foot-tall windows. In production since 1956, the chair has fascinated Hall since his childhood. “It radiated luxury,” recalls Hall, who eventually purchased one of his own in 1992. “Not all modern furnishings or art remain timeless, and that’s an aspect of the Eames chair I’ll never outgrow my appreciation for,” he says. “It’s like putting on a piece of music from a different time that still makes perfect sense.”