Dining with Dorm-Dwellers

A couple of weeks ago, I was out running errands with a friend and decided to grab a late lunch at UBurger. It was around 3 p.m. on a Saturday, and we arrived to find the place mobbed with BU students who’d recovered from their hangovers enough to make the trek out for some hamburgers and fries. After we collected our food and took our seat, it got even better.

We sat down next to a guy and a girl. They seemed to be about 19-years-old, and were outfitted in their licensed college gear. As they dipped their French Fries in ketchup, they discussed the codes they had with their roommates to announce they had a significant other over.

“John is just really honest,” the guy said. “He’ll just say, ‘Hey, I’m gonna bring Christine by later.’ But since Brian’s girlfriend has to travel in, John doesn’t bring Christine by on the weekends when Brian’s girlfriend is in town.”

“They were amusing,” my friend said sarcastically as she sipped her milkshake.

Since it was a relaxed Saturday afternoon, listening to the description of the intricate dorm dance wasn’t enough to deter us from UBurger’s delicious burgers and onion rings. But are there times when you avoid restaurants because of the clientele? Are there places you can’t stand until the young families have left, but the young professionals haven’t shown up yet? Let us know what you think.