50 Best Restaurants: A By-The-Numbers Breakdown of Grill 23

Grill 23 goes through a lot of meat. (Photo courtesy of Grill 23/Facebook)

While we gave props to the more creative fare you can find on the menu at one of our 50 Best restaurants, Grill 23, it’s definitely the type of place where people like to stick to the classics: steak, potatoes, and chocolate cake. And since the place turns out such a high volume of fare for hordes of business-types in suits and carnivores out for a special occasion, we asked chef Jay Murray to give us a statistical play-by-play of the culinary goings-on at his excellent steakhouse. Ahead, a staggering look at the food coming out of the Grill 23 kitchen:


850 pounds: The average amount of portioned Brandt beef served on an average weekend.
340 pounds: The average amount of bone-in NY strip sold per week.
300 pounds: The average amount of Ribeye sold per week
220 pounds: The average amount of Filet Mignon sold per week.


150 pounds: The amount of potatoes used in just the pomme frites and potato chips daily.
12 pounds: The amount of butter in one batch of mashed potatoes (This batch feeds 80, meaning there’s 2.4 oz of butter—over half a stick— per serving. Yikes.)


105: The number of individually-sized chocolate layers cakes ordered on an average weekend.

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