An Early Look at Moksa's Dumpling, Noodle, and Rice-filled Menu

Roti stuffed with pork belly and quail egg, one of Moksa’s tempting menu items. (All photos by Kristin Teig/Boston magazine)

As is typical when it comes to restaurant openings, Patricia Yeo’s highly anticipated izakaya, Moksa, is a bit behind its targeted December schedule.

A peek at the forthcoming Central Square spot’s website today, however, revealed an exciting gem that we hope means that they will open soon: the menu is up!

As we’ve told you before, there’s vast variety of Asian-influenced small plates, ranging from noodle dishes to dumplings to grilled meat and vegetable skewers. The dishes that we’re most excited to try? That would have to be a four-way tie between the shrimp-shimeji wontons, pork rillette and scallop-stuffed roti (a type of Indian flatbread), kimchi noodle “knots” with seafood, and rice with clay pot-baked chicken, sausage, and salt fish. Ok, actually, we just want to try the whole menu. Below, get a look at the menu in its entirety.

But still hot, hot, HOT!

Tuna Poke, Avocado, Hearts of Palm
Thai Green Mango & Papaya Salad, Peanuts
Daikon, Pear & Edamame Salad
Saba, Young Coconut & Herbs
Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll, Spicy Tuna
Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll, Lobster Salad

All rolled up

Shao Bing: Pork Belly Sandwich
Shao Bing: Veal Breast Sandwich
Shrimp-Shimeji Wontons
Edmame Potstickers
Berkshire Pork Potsticker

Indian flatbread with a twist

Pork Belly & Poached Quail Egg
Lamb Breast & Crisp Anchovies
Pork Rillette & Scallops
Kalbi & Kim Chi
Paneer, Avocado & Jalapeno
Lobster & Mango
Beef Tongue

Comfort foods from the streets

Dan Dan Mein, Spicy Pork-Mushroom Ragu
Silver Pin Noodles, Snow Tofu & Snow Peas
Uyigur Lamb, Three Peppers, Rice Gnocchi
Bun: Vietnamese Rice Noodles, Beef Shin
Nori Pasta, Tuna & Uni Butter
Wild Mushroom Chow Fun
Kim Chi Noodle Knots & Shellfish

The essence of life

Twenty Vegetable Fried Rice
Duck Confit Fried Rice
Bi Bim Bap: Korean Baked Rice & Pork Belly
Kakuni Congee
Clay Pot Baked Chicken, Sausage & Salt Fish
Call it Satay, kebab or skewer

Pork Belly, Kabayaki Sauce
Dancing Shishito Peppers
Kobe Beef Liver
Kurabota Pig Cheek
Kobe Beef Cheek
Beef Tongue
Honeycomb Tripe, Shacha Rub
Foie Gras, Fig Balsamic Syrup
Seasonal Mushrooms

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