In This Issue: Sausages, Local Brews, Schnitzel, and More.

Get a look at our Oktoberfest-themed food section.

Above, a preview of T.W. Food chef Tim Wiechmann’s sausage mastery, which will be on display when he opens Bronwyn in Somerville. Photo by David Arky for Boston magazine.

This month, we decided to take our monthly food section and have it function as a guide to some of the best Oktoberfest-appropriate eats in town—because, really, if you have a plate of schnitzel and a mug of beer in front of you, what more can you want in life?

If you’re of the same mindset, click through the links below for a peek at our favorite soft pretzels in the area, chef suggestions for dressing up a box of Mrs. T’s pierogi, places to splurge (and save a few bucks) on stellar schnitzel, and so very much more.

Twist and Shout: Soft pretzels at Clear Flour Bread in Brookline

Linked In: A sausage vocab lesson with Tim Wiechmann of Bronwyn.

High & Low-Schnitzel Edition: A look at how Pigalle and Audubon Circle serve up pork schnitzel

The Makeover: Local chefs take on the boxed, frozen potato-cheddar pierogi.

Beer! Beer! Beer!: Skip the boring Oktoberfest brews and try a more interesting German-style beer from one of these local craft breweries.

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