Local Top Chef Contestant to Open Stacked Doughnuts

No. 9 Park rounds cook Stephanie Cmar hopes to debut a doughnut concept in the next year.

Just a tease of what's to come at Stacked. Photo courtesy of Stephanie Cmar.

Her specialty may be savory fare as a rounds cook at No. 9 Park, but Stephanie Cmar, currently a contestant on the forthcoming season of Top Chef (which airs next month), hopes to debut a doughnut shop (called Stacked) in the next year, she told me yesterday.

She’s still on the hunt for a location (but is interested in the Innovation District or Back Bay/South End), so Stacked is still a ways off—though she says that ideally it’ll open within the next year.

We sure hope so—with the exception of stellar bakeries like Verna’s in Cambridge and, well, er, Dunkin’, we don’t have much by way of shops with a large focus on serving doughnuts (like Doughnut Plant in New York and Federal Doughnuts in Philly). Cmar promises classic yeast doughnuts plus flavors like key lime, nutella and caramelized white chocolate, vanilla bean and raspberry, cider, red velvet, and toffee.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more. In the meantime, keep an eye on Cmar when Top Chef: Seattle premieres on November 7.

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