Drink Alert: The Gallows Debuts the “All the Whey” Cocktail

By using excess whey from poutine curds, the South End gastropub discovered a new cocktail.

The All the Whey cocktail from The Gallows. Photo courtesy of Seth Yaffe.

When it comes to winter cocktails, creamy egg-fortified flips are a major go-to for those seeking some comfort from their swill. To that end, Eater has a roundup of great eggy cocktails in the area. But for an egg-free alternative to a flip, head to The Gallows for their new whey-enhanced cocktail, dubbed the All the Whey. The cocktail was an experiment of sorts, says general manager Seth Yaffe. “We make our own cheese curds here, so we were doing a lot of dumping out of the whey after we strained the curds off,” he says. “I was reading about a couple bars in the west coast getting into using whey for cocktails. It’s a byproduct that’s cool, because it’s sustainable.”

One of the staff’s bar directors, Tim Hagney, began playing around with whey in drinks, and the staff  found that the use of whey actually results in a beverage with silkier bubbles than those that contain egg whites as a thickener. The cocktail—which also contains rye, whey, Drambuie, honey, and lemon— debuted a couple weeks ago, and Yaffe says it’s already been a huge success. “It’s great how many people are embracing something a little off the beaten track and pushing a little out of their comfort zones,” he says. For the full curds and whey experience, we recommend ordering it with a massive side of gravy-drenched poutine, of course.

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