jm Curley Has a ‘Breaking Bad’ Tribute Menu

The "Goodbye Breaking Bad" food options are now being served at the restaurant.

After five critically-acclaimed seasons, AMC’s “Breaking Bad” finally came to an end. But all is not lost for super fans; those still hungry for a piece of the series can take in some of their favorite parts of the show in the form of food.

If the giant replica of Bryan Cranston’s character Walter White on Massachusetts Avenue wasn’t enough to satisfy followers, in order to get a final taste of the series, jm Curley has launched a new menu based on the show.

From the Heisenburger—it’s exactly what it sounds like— to fried chicken reminiscent of the grub cooked up by Gustavo Fring at Los Pollos Hermanos, jm Curley Executive Chef Samuel Monsour is cooking up a series of dishes that pay homage to some of the key characters and places from the Emmy Award-winning show. There’s the “Shraderbrau Brat,” named after DEA Agent Hank Shrader, White’s brother-in-law, and of course, a breakfast option inspired by “Flynn.”

“I knew I wanted to do this a couple of weeks ago,” Monsour said in a phone interview. “I realized how many people that work here love the show, and I thought it would be super fun and perfect timing.”

The restaurant put roughly a week into crafting the menu, coming up with character-based morsels like a Chilean fish stew, much like the meal prepared for White, by Fring, when the two were talking business in one season of the show.

Monsour said what else makes this particular menu special is that it was a team effort. From the cooks to the bar-backs, people came in and put their ideas down on paper, and the menu was constructed based on feedback from fans working at jm Curley. “Slowly we let it turn into what it became. We have actually never done a menu that way, where anyone can contribute,” he said.

Monsour admits the menu doesn’t have an item specifically for every character, though. Jesse Pinkman, who is played by Aaron Paul, doesn’t have an item to his name, per se, but Monsour said the blueberry donut dessert was concocted for the menu with Paul’s character in mind. In the final episodes of the show, Pinkman cooks up a batch of blue methamphetamine with 96 percent purity. “That was kind of our homage for Jesse,” he said. “It was the same as Jesse’s last batch.”

The special “Breaking Bad” menu will remain up for two weeks before it’s switched out for something else, said Monsour.

Back in August, Monsour put together a Wu-Tang Clan-inspired list of foods to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the rap group’s “Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)” album. That menu included the “Dirt Dog,” and the “36 oz. of Death” burger.

Here is the entire menu that the bar has to offer, courtesy of Monsour:

Photo by @samuelmonsour

Photo by @samuelmonsour