Mark O’Leary Takes Over at Shōjō Asian Bar & Bistro [Updated]

Here's a first look at all the burgers, dogs, and ramen from O'Leary's first menus.


Chef Mark O’Leary has taken over as executive chef at Shojo. Photo provided

Brian Moy has announced that he’s hired former JM Curley chef, Mark O’Leary, to take over as executive chef at Shōjō Asian Bar & Bistro starting immediately. O’Leary, previously of O Ya, cofounder of Guchi’s Midnight Ramen, and recent winner of Best Pop-Up for “The Future Of Junk Food” with Samuel Monsour, says he will be overhauling the entire menu over the next month.

“I’m really excited to join the Shōjō team and be a part of one of the best restaurants in Boston,” says O’Leary via a press release. “They’ve been doing such fun stuff here for the last two years and they’re excited to have me merge my ideas and style into what they have here and are really encouraging me to do so.”

New dinner items that O’Leary has already introduced include Wu Tang tiger-style ribs (Thai basil, shallots, peanuts); squid ink mazemen ramen with seared scallops and dashi fumé; and taro tots with Heinz “lap chuerng.” Over the next couple of weeks, O’Leary will continue to revamp and swap out small plate offerings, all of which will now change on a more frequent basis.

On the cusp of its second anniversary, Moy also plans to extend Shōjō’s hours, opening seven days a week and ramping up their late night offerings. The late night menu will include modern Asian offerings like a Son of Shojonator burger with kimchi velveeta, bacon, two beef patties, black sesame seed bao; and a Sapporo-soaked Ma Po Dog (beef frank, bao dog bun, mapo tofu). Below is a look at O’Leary’s full dinner and late night menus.

Mark O’Leary’s Shojo Menu

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