A First Glimpse at Akinto Inside Wink & Nod [Updated]

Chef Patrick Enage brings his Southeast Asian concept to the South End speakeasy.


Mini Banh Mi (Bakkwa, pork fu, daikon, carrot, chilies, cilantro, “pork fries”). Photo provided

Boston Nightlife Ventures announced its next culinary concept within Wink & Nod today. As part of its ongoing pop-up incubator project—which has already housed Jeremy Kean and Philip Kruta’s Whisk and a Josh Lewin‘s Bread and Salt Hospitality—the South End speakeasy will welcome in chef Patrick Enage’s new restaurant, Akinto.

Akinto, which means “this is mine” in Filipino, is meant to reflect Enage’s distinctive culinary perspective, something that was heavily shaped by his childhood in Southeast Asia. Besides food from his native Philippines, Enage will showcase flavors and ingredients from across the region, including Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, India, Vietnam, China, Japan, and Laos.


Shrimp Bao buns with curried-mussel liqueur. Photo provided

Designed to encourage sharing among groups, the menu features a number of shareable plates at an approachable price point, such as his shrimp bao buns and mini banh mi sandwiches with pork fu and dried Chinese bakkwa. Larger options will include braised oxtail, kabayaki-glazed swordfish belly with a salted duck egg vinaigrette, and Korean-style beef short ribs in a XO/coconut sauce.

Akinto at Wink & Nod will be in residence for six months starting on March 30, with preview dinners featuring select menu items on March 20 and 21.

For those unfamiliar with Enage’s work, the chef previously held the title of chef de cuisine at City Landing with Bill Brodsky, now chief culinary officer for all of Boston Nightlife Ventures restaurants.

Akinto Full Dinner Menu

3 Appleton St., Boston; 617-482-0117 or winkandnod.com.