Got a Question About Running a Food Truck? Ask These Operators Anything

Roxy's Grilled Cheese, Stoked Pizza, and other mobile eateries are hosting an ask-me-anything discussion now on Reddit.

Mei Mei Street Kitchen during service.

Mei Mei Street Kitchen during service. / Photo courtesy of Food Truck Festivals of America

Ever wonder how the Taco Party came up with its Sriracha barbecue jackfruit recipe, or how Mei Mei keeps its Street Kitchen road-ready? Five of Boston’s best-known food truck operators are taking to the web this morning to share behind-the-scenes insights into mobile much management, during an Ask Me Anything conversation on the Boston food Reddit channel.

The Taco Party, Mei Mei, Chicken & Rice Guys, Stoked Pizza, and Roxy’s Grilled Cheese are all participating in the question-and-answer session, which kicks off right now on r/food. These heavyweights are among a growing cadre of street food vendors which park near Boston’s college campuses, public parks, and business centers year-round. Each one has also expanded into a brick-and-mortar restaurant—well, for Stoked, it’s coming soon—so they will provide insight into the differences between street food and a traditional restaurant.

With the seventh Greenway Mobile Eats season kicking off later this week, food truck season is almost in full swing. The lunch hour is almost in full swing today, so if you want to take the opportunity to learn everything you ever wanted to know about running a food truck, get your questions in now.