No Injuries (or Spilled Beer) After Car Crashes into Jack’s Abby Beer Hall

Double relief.

The Jack's Abby packaging crew sweeps up after a collision outside the Framingham beer hall on August 16

The Jack’s Abby packaging crew sweeps up after a collision outside the Framingham beer hall on August 16. / Photo courtesy of Jack’s Abby

It’s always a relief when a car crash doesn’t end in injury, and the victims of an incident last night are doubly glad no beer was spilled, either.

Those victims are the employees and owners of Jack’s Abby Beer Hall, the production facility and restaurant of Boston’s best brewery (which is actually based in Framingham).

Yesterday afternoon, a woman lost control of a Hyundai sedan while driving on Grant Street, which abuts the Clinton Street brewery. The car careened through a wooden fence, damaging at least three cars before pushing a car into the beer hall, the MetroWest Daily News reports.

Co-owner Sam Hendler says the car that hit the beer hall appears to be totaled, and that it belonged to a Jack’s Abby guest. He says that car took the brunt of the collision, and shards of the wooden guardrail are also responsible for some of the damage to other vehicles.

“Unfortunately for that parked car, it did end up meaning that the damage to the building wasn’t nearly as bad as if that car wasn’t parked there,” he says.

The doorway near where the car collided is a back entrance to the kitchen, so no guests were standing around it or nearby. But the sounds of the impending collision were scary for the kitchen staff as well as revelers inside the beer hall, Hendler says.

“At first, it was a ton of worry, then a lot of relief everybody was OK,” he says.

There is a concrete block wall to repair, and a door to replace, which are covered by insurance. Hendler estimates it will take hired contractors about a week to do the work.

“All in all, we dodged the bullet,” he says.

It was a weird day, says Jack’s Abby office manager Sarah McGinley. “I’m sure our staff didn’t expect to be sweeping up rubble!”

The beer hall did not close, and will be open normal hours as the work goes on this week, she adds.

The MetroWest Daily News‘ @RealBeerNut blogger first reported the collision on Twitter yesterday around 3 p.m.

Framingham Police Lt. Harry Wareham said the car that caused the series of events was cited with failure to stop at a stop sign.

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