Pink Samurai Might Actually Open Soon in Jamaica Plain

A hotly anticipated dumpling house is finally serving food, but the original chef is no longer involved.

We’re giving out free samples! Come right in! Limited supplies 😉

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You can’t blame us for remaining skeptical until we visit ourselves, but it seems like the much-discussed Pink Samurai Dumpling House is finally opening soon in Jamaica Plain. It quietly opened the doors last night with free dumplings, according to new social media. The team could have regular hours on the board this weekend.

Pink Samurai was originally slated to open early last winter. The Centre Street storefront was a new venture from chef Matthew Cunningham, a Strip-T’s and Sinclair alum and fermentation enthusiast, and a dumpling-loving investor. Now-deleted social media shared a cute pink logo, and photos from Cunningham’s fall pop-ups at the Frogmore and other venues. Eater Boston posted early menu previews.

With Pink Samurai still not open after the holidays, Cunningham continued to be optimistic over emails with Boston. Recently, Jamaica Plain news popped over for a peek inside, and more optimism. Earlier this summer, Boston Restaurant Talk started to hear rumors that Pink Samurai was almost in business, but without Cunningham.

Constructions delays led to other setbacks, and ultimately Cunningham walked away, he said earlier this month. He’s also a new father, so he’s focusing on that for now.

“I’ve got some loose plans at least for a pop-up or something, had a few offers from people maybe even to collaborate on something, but not sure when yet,” he says.

It might not be dumplings, he adds. Some of his recipes might be on Pink Samurai’s menu, but he isn’t certain. “Not sure if they were staying in that direction or going more traditional.”

The original chef isn’t sure who is behind Pink Samurai these days. Emails sent to someone he believed is in involved haven’t been returned. Boston has reached out to Pink Samurai for more information about its grand opening.

Pink Samurai, coming soon to 658 Centre St., Jamaica Plain, Twitter.