The Ultimate Guide to New England’s Cheese Revolution

New England’s artisanal cheesemaking thrives at Lillooet Sheep & Cheesery (top row) and Jasper Hill Farm (bottom). / Photos by Michael Prince (top row); Photos courtesy of Jasper Hill Farm (bottom)

How New England Cheese Is Taking Over the World

One glorious Gouda, goat cheese, and cheddar at a time.

The cheese cart at Troquet on South delivers copious selections for wine pairings. / Photo by Jonathan Kozowyk

Where to Sample and Shop New England-Made Cheeses

You don’t have to road-trip your way through New England to sample the region’s best cheese. Here’s where to slice, schmear, and crumble it close to home.

Find these cheeses and accompaniments at Formaggio Kitchen and Wasik’s Cheese Shop. / Photo by Nina Gallant

Cheese Expert Louis Risoli Crafts a New England-Made Sample Platter

Buying cheese is complicated, but your next dinner party doesn’t have to be. Louis Risoli, famed fromager of the late, great L’Espalier, comes to the rescue—with a little bite from every New England state.

Lillooet Sheep & Cheesery is Massachusetts’ only farmstead sheep dairy. / Photo by Michael Prince

Meet Six of New England’s Most Innovative Cheesemakers

Six innovative wedge wizards putting New England on the map.