Robert D. Oates, MD

About Dr. Oates
As a Professor of Urology at Boston University School of Medicine, I have a busy clinical practice in all areas of male reproductive medicine, genetics, and surgery, and am also nationally and internationally recognized for my clinical and collaborative research.

My true passion is in helping each and every couple I see reach their goal of having a child through a thoughtful and considered approach. Beginning with a history and physical examination, diagnostic tests and various therapies move from the simple to the more complex, all performed with the couple’s input in the most efficient and fluid way.

I work closely and in partnership with all of the fantastic Reproductive Endocrinologists in our area. My staff is attentive and we make it a priority to offer a convenient first appointment within two weeks of calling—many times the next week.

I hope you allow me to help make your goals a reality!

Male Reproductive Medicine and Surgery
725 Albany Street | Boston, MA 02118
617.638.1007 |

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