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Trailblazers: Larissa Cook

Female leadership and representation are undeniable at Boston’s award-winning FBN Construction. Established in 1978, FBN has a newly promoted female president, Larissa Cook. Heading into her 17th year at FBN, she is no stranger to the company. At Cook’s direction, FBN has hired and continues to employ more female faces in a historically male-dominated industry.

“To work at FBN, you have to have FBN soul, which means you have to be honest, accountable, respectful, committed and fair, and these core values remain steadfast at our firm,” says Cook. “Our company was founded upon upholding a superior standard—not only in construction, but also in our interactions on and off the job. I could not be prouder to have these women as such an integral part of the long-term vision and success of the company.”

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