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Before and After: The Secret Behind These 3 Stunning Kitchen Transformations

© Jared Kuzia Photography

The kitchen is the heart of a home and where loved ones cook, gather, and spend the most time in the house. All of that use, though, means it’s often the room most in need of a makeover. The trick is finding the right people to do it. With home renovations more popular than ever due to folks spending more time at home, finding an available designer, manufacturer, supplier, etc. can be a time-consuming struggle. Luckily, there’s a solution that won’t leave you on a waitlist for months.

Metropolitan Cabinets & Countertops—a Norwood-based cabinet and countertop company with four showrooms in Greater Boston—can help you every step of the way. Metropolitan’s designers work as a team with homeowners and the industry professionals that are a part of their project, including contractors, architects, and interior designers. They’re also a manufacturer, and their ability to control the entire process and the quality of products means big savings can be passed directly onto customers. It also ensures that lead times stay constant, so you won’t be left high and dry with long project delays.

“Our state-of-the-art factory produces everything you see in our showrooms,” explains Peter Laufer, Vice President of Metropolitan. “Since we control the entire supply chain, we are able to support our local economy while producing high-quality products at very competitive prices.”

Looking for inspiration on how to transform your dull kitchen into a modern masterpiece? These three Metropolitan makeovers prove just what a dramatic difference new cabinets and countertops can make to a kitchen’s whole look and feel.

A Light-Filled Acton Knockout

Interior Designer: Vivian Robins Design


Older kitchens often have an uncompleted look due to cabinets that don’t go up all the way to the ceiling. In this case, the black and brown hues of the kitchen and harsh lighting make for an unwelcoming and unattractive space. Through collaborating with Metropolitan designer Jennifer Stuart and the interior designer, the homeowners were able to brighten and open up the kitchen with extended cabinets, white finishes, and timeless shaker style cabinets.

After, © Sarah Winchester Photography

“When comparing the two looks, it’s really the little things that make a huge difference,” says Laufer.

A Two-Tone JP Stunner

Interior Designer: Design Crossover Architecture & Interiors


Through strategic designs, Metropolitan designer Marie Kennedy and architect Jason LaGorga were able to maximize the space of this small kitchen during the makeover. White cabinets up top were added to match the beautiful white brick backsplash and the light color creates a striking contrast with the darker tones added below. Finishing off the space, gold hardware pairs perfectly with the navy-blue finishes and bronze hardwood floor.

After, © Jared Kuzia Photography

“The dark colors on the base and lighter colors on top give it a nice dynamic,” says Laufer. “The shaker cabinets are classic, but the frameless cabinets create a sleek, modern look.”

A Bright and Airy Arlington Refresh


Interior Designer: Rachel Dunham Design

Countertops are the busiest spaces in the kitchen during meal prep, but that doesn’t mean they have to look busy, too. Metropolitan designer Wendy Savino and the interior designer swapped out the speckle-patterned countertops for a contemporary quartz pattern that gives the room a significantly lighter and cleaner feel. Not to mention the unique and intricately designed wood-stained cabinets that create another eye-catching two-tone look.

When the Metropolitan team meets with homeowners, Laufer says they don’t try to push certain styles or products. Instead, they ask questions, like how much do you use your kitchen now and what kind of renovation are your lifestyle and budget comfortable with? That’s because, Laufer explains, the goal is to design a kitchen that functions the way you want it to from cabinet to countertop.

After, © Sabrina Cole Quinn Photography

“It’s one of those things where you don’t notice the difference until it’s done,” says Laufer. “Our mission is that, when you walk into your kitchen, it gives you a good feeling every day. That’s what drives us, and that’s what we want to give people.”

To schedule an appointment at one of Metropolitan’s 4 showrooms and learn more about how Metropolitan can help your dream kitchen renovation come to life, visit metcabinet.com.