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With Honors: Lawrence Academy


Lawrence Academy, an independent school for grades 9–12, is located in Groton, MA. Our mission focuses on recognizing students for who they are, inspiring them to take responsibility for who they want to become, and empowering them to take action for the greater good. The LA community welcomes an even split of 400 boarding and day students and prides itself on a warm, welcoming, and compassionate culture. Individualized learning and empowerment are cornerstones of our program, a focus that extends to athletics, the arts, clubs, com-munity service, and experiential learning. Skilled at “teaching for understanding,” faculty use innovative methods to help students learn in the way best suited for them. The daily advisory system uses students’ interests, needs, and passions to help build pathways to individual goals and aspirations. We seek to see students grow in knowledge, confidence, and empathy, able to make a meaningful contribution to the world once they leave our campus.

Groton, MA; 978-448-6535; lacademy.edu

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