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Helicopter Parenting

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Big Mother

A wave of new technology now lets you oversee your kids’ ­every move. Which raises the question: Do you really want to oversee your kids’ every move?

City Life

Where Does Helicopter Parenting Make Sense? Football.

Football player photo via Shutterstock My son spends most of the school day trying to figure out how fast he can get to recess to […]

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My Six-Year-Old Daughter Will Never Be An Olympic Gymnast

Like millions of girls across the country, my six-year-old daughter recently decided she wants to be an Olympic gymnast. I don’t have the heart to […]

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Did Helicopter Parenting Bring Down Jonah Lehrer?

According to Judith Warner, the new must-read parenting book, Madeline Levine’s Teach Your Children Well, is “a cri de couer from a clinician on the […]

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'Tis the Season to Overparent

Theories abound about why our generation of parents has become a generation of control freaks. Here are two interesting takes from interviews I did while […]

Overparenting Archetypes

The six different overparenting archetypes.

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Welcome to the Age of Overparenting

See Jane. See Jane walk downstairs. Clap, Mom and Dad, clap! See Mom and Dad clap, clap, clap. For everything Jane does. Welcome to the age of overparenting.

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Are We Over-Managing Our Children?

“Trying to control the future is like trying to take the master carpenter’s place / When you handle the master carpenter’s tools / Chances are […]

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Eight Ways to Avoid Helicopter Parenting

What’s a helicopter parent? Someone who hovers more than you do. Seriously, nobody tries to be a helicopter parent. But parenting is the toughest job […]

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Helicopter Parents, Take It Easy

In August, we were winding down a day at the beach when our eight-year-old son started scaling the rocky face of a steep hill behind […]