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City Life

What the French Government Tells Its Citizens Who Visit Boston

Like the U.S. State Department, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers its citizens guidelines when they visit various cities and countries. Universal Hub’s Adam Gaffin happened upon […]

Arts & Entertainment

It’s Not OITNB, But ‘Upper Bunkies Unite’ Goes Inside the Same Prison

Are you experiencing withdrawal from the hit series Orange is the New Black? Maybe you’ll find some solace from Andrea James’s very readable and often […]

City Life

City Council Candidate Chat: Matt O’Malley

David S. Bernstein: Why are you running for re-election—and why not take a shot at one of those open at-large seats that you have coveted […]

City Life

A Tale of Two Boston Schools: Orchard Gardens and Higginson/Lewis

In a struggling neighborhood filled with kids from struggling families, two of the city’s worst-performing schools are on diverging paths.

City Life

City Limits: Meet Boston’s 2013 Mayoral Candidates

As candidates scramble for votes in the first wide-open mayoral election in decades, a transformed Boston begins to emerge.


Help City Growers Bring Urban Farming to Roxbury

Urban farming in Boston is magical. There are tomatoes growing on top of a downtown parking garage. The second-largest rooftop farm in the world is […]

City Life

This Week’s Other Murder Victim in Boston

Universal Hub’s Adam Gaffin set off a familiar conversation when he counted up the number of Boston Globe stories about the city’s two most recent […]

City Life

Does Boston Need a Gun Buyback Program?

As the community grapples with a sharp increase in gun-related deaths, officials are scratching their heads trying to figure out a solution that could help […]

City Life

‘Enough Is Enough’ Anti-Violence Rallies Planned Through Summer

There have been 85 shootings in Boston since April of this year, and last Friday evening, a crowd gathered in Roxbury to announce “Enough is […]

City Life

Why Wouldn’t Boston Want More Charter Schools?

There’s news today in the Globe that a group of advocates is pushing the state to abolish its limit on charter schools. The impetus is […]

Arts & Entertainment

Battleground: Nathaniel Philbrick’s Bunker Hill

A new book details how Boston’s geography helped determine the outcome of the Revolution.

City Life

A Mural Dedicated to Marathon Victims Is On Hold

They were planning on creating a “Wall of Hope.” The mural was supposed to honor the runners of the Boston Marathon, and the victims killed […]

City Life

Prep School Showdown

A look at the large endowments—and famous alumni—of some of the area’s most exclusive private schools.

City Life

This Takes ‘Fashion Police’ to a Whole New Level

A little-known law in Massachusetts involving openly “lewd and lascivious behavior” is the lynchpin of a new war on saggy pants from the Black Mental […]


The Kitchen Spy: Liz Vilardi and Nick Zappia of The Blue Room, Central Bottle, and Belly Wine Bar

In The Kitchen Spy, we visit local restaurant insiders’ home kitchens and force them to open up their fridge, drawers, and cabinets. All photos by Fawn Deviney […]