The Forsyth Institute

Their Mission
In 1915, the organization expanded its mission to provide dental care to underserved children to include scientific research, which became its primary focus for many years. Forsyth research has helped advance the field of dentistry—among its discoveries, the link between fluoride and dental decay.

In 2012, Forsyth opened its dental clinic so that its team of practitioners could extend dental care to patients in the Boston and Cambridge areas. Using the most advanced technology, clinicians provide evidence-based dental care based on the latest scientific findings.

Why Choose Them?
From pediatrics to geriatrics, Forsyth treats the entire family—providing everything from implants to fillings. Since all specialty services are provided in-house, there’s no need to chase down referrals to obtain care at its state-of-the-art clinic. Unlike many private dental practices, Forsyth holds a license from the Department of Public Health, an additional stamp of approval attesting to its quality. Forsyth’s ultimate goal is to advance dental care, protecting people’s overall health by stopping problems where they often begin, at the entrance to the body, the mouth.

Forsyth Faculty Associates
245 First Street 17 FL
Cambridge, MA 02142

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