Have $69? You Could Hop on a Plane to Iceland

Discount flights are available through April.

Photo courtesy of WOW Air

Have $69 in your wallet? You could use it to visit one of the best restaurants in Boston tonight, or you could hop on a plane to Reykjavik, Iceland.

Budget airline WOW Air is offering $69 flights to Iceland from Boston starting today. Trips can be booked from January 18 through April 24, 2018.

The airline cites a 69 percent increase in passenger growth as the reason for their newest flight deal. (They have sales pretty often.) WOW Air’s promotion is available in five other cities: Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Newark, San Francisco, and Chicago.

If Iceland isn’t far-flung enough to satisfy your wanderlust, WOW Air is also offering $89 one-way fares to a few other European destinations, including London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Brussels, Edinburgh, Dublin, and Frankfurt—you’ll just need to make a quick stop in Reykjavik along the way.

As you probably expected with this steep of a discount, there’s some fine print. The bargain flights are only one-way. That means you’ll have to open your wallet again to get back to Boston. While the ticket price does include taxes, it doesn’t include a slew of other other optional fees, including charges for carry ons, checked luggage, and extra leg room.

The $69 and $89 tickets are only available through wowair.us. Better act quickly to score one.