Keyed In

Facebooking v. The act of logging on to Facebook, or looking up people on Facebook in order to judge them by their hobbies, interests, and, most importantly, photos. Usage: “Billy seems cute, but is he sketchy?” “I dunno. Facebook him.”

Facebook Friend n. A lesser form of friendship than a real-life friend; someone you only know, or only care to know, through the Internet. Usage: “Make out with Billy? Yeah, right—I’m barely even Facebook friends with him.”

Friending v. To send a request to a Facebook or MySpace user, asking to be added to his or her list of friends. This is usually done in order to see someone’s full profile (if it’s been set to private), pad the number of online friends you have, or, in rare cases, be more than Facebook friends with him or her. Usage: “I friended Billy three days ago and he still hasn’t accepted. Who does he think he is?”

Wall n. The section of a Facebook profile page where visitors can post public messages: birthday greetings, noncommittal promises to stay in touch, brash flirtations, etc. Usage: “Can you believe Billy left his cell-phone number on my wall? How eager!”

Poking v. An open-ended action that, like the real-life version, is used to annoy, flirt with, or make your presence known to friends, the attractive siblings of friends, and other potential acquaintances or love interests. Usage: “You’ve just been poked by Billy. Do you want to poke back?”

ROFLMAO abbr. Online shorthand for “rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off,” and one of several elaborate updates to standard e-mail and Internet abbreviations like LOL, JK, KIT, and TTYL. Another favorite is SAAJCU, which stands for the phrase “same as always, just chillin’—you?” Usage: “When Billy told me to KIT and typed in a smiley face, I was ROFLMAO. Okay, gotta go, TTYL!”