City Style: What’s in Store: Porsche Design

A men’s-only outpost revs up in Copley.

Porsche Design Store may share the German car company’s exalted moniker and autobahn-savvy attitude, but inside there’s nary an automobile in sight. While these days other stalwart men’s brands are embracing their softer side with ladies’ collections, Porsche Design zeroes in on discerning guys with high-end menswear and accessories, all on meticulous display against a backdrop of slate-gray rock and wood. Occasionally, elements of car design do creep into view—the casing of an engine hose shows up in a pen, a motorcycle jacket lining evokes the Boxster’s leather seats. Porsche’s notoriously steep price tags are here, too: $130 for a tie, $450 for a wallet. For a true hot-rod fix, however, you’ll need the dealership.

Copley Place, Boston, 617-424-1400,