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Why throw the same old stationary shindig when you can show your guests a good time by sea or by air? We compare two high-end movable venues: the newly redesigned yacht Odyssey and the sky’s-the-limit local Sentient Jet.

The Odyssey

The Transport: Boston’s biggest yacht for hire has four decks, two dance floors, an outdoor bar, and room for 600 seafarers.

The Atmosphere: Heavily carpeted floors and dark wood interiors by local firm There-Design feel very Charles Hotel meets QE2. The new open-air “wave bar” lends the ship a modern vibe.

The Ride: The sail through Boston Harbor might not be quite Odyssean, but the boat does afford stellar bay and skyline views (plus, its speed tops out at a mild 15 miles per hour, so the tipsy don’t tip overboard).

Party Starters: Every cruise is completely customizable: Revelers can import guest chefs, live bands, barware, even their own furniture. The 3,700-square-foot Souleiado deck can easily host 250-person wedding receptions.

Cost: The spacious Souleiado and Horizon decks go for $22,000 per night; the smaller Admiral’s Lounge is $4,800. Big spenders can reserve the entire yacht for $50,000 during peak summer season.

High Fliers: Jennifer Aniston, Vince Vaughn, James Earl Jones, Nelly—and countless office holiday party and bar mitzvah guests

The VIP Treatment: Special sailors get special attention: When Rudy Giuliani had to disembark early, the Odyssey docked at Logan for a quick drop-off.

Sentient Jet

The Transport: Weymouth-based Sentient has access to a fleet of 110 Trump-worthy planes, from Learjets to Gulfstreams, that can fit five to 10 people.

The Atmosphere: Crisp linen napkins, champagne flutes, deep leather seats,
individual entertainment systems, and three attendants contribute to the swanky mood on most jets.

The Ride: The light, midsize, and heavy planes can cover between 1,000 and 3,700 miles, whisking customers from Boston to London or Paris—or just Bar Harbor—in the time it takes everyone else to clear security.

Party Starters: Fliers put in food and drink requests—Fenway Franks, Fiji water, caviar, Dom Pérignon—in advance. Cabin space is limited, but endless flutes of bubbly prove good substitutes for full-on dance parties.

Cost: A hundred grand gets you a Sentient membership. Flights vary but average around $6,400 per hour. And there’s no waiting list—members are on board within 10 hours of a jet reservation.

High Fliers: CEOs, PGA players, and anyone else with a bottomless bank account and an aversion to overcrowded commercial aviation

The VIP Treatment: More than 10 in your party? For about $400,000, Sentient will charter a pimped-out, A-lister-appropriate 757 with room for 60 guests.