Reel Genius

Hook your dad up with some top-of-the-line fly-fishing essentials.

For those angling for bigtime brownie points this Father’s Day, the new Xi2 Series 1090-4 rod and the Super Series 11 reel are, hands down, the best saltwater fly-fishing combination around. The lightweight rod boasts a graphite shaft (sensitive and strong, just like Dad), oversize guides to reduce line friction (which means less breakage and fewer crafty-fish getaways), and an aluminum reel seat to resist corrosion. Plus, the unbeatable drag of the durable reel ensures your favorite fisherman will stay in control of his catch.

Abel Super Series 11 large-arbor reel, $810, and Sage Xi2 Series 1090-4 rod, $675, Firefly Outfitters, One Federal St., Boston, 617-423-3474,