The Fessenden School

You’ve imagined this world for your child: a nurturing community that instantly becomes a second home; a place where children are eager to unearth new passions and talents; a school that provides endless possibilities for learning and growth—and where students actually have fun while doing so.

The Fessenden School is more than an independent boarding and day school for boys in Pre-K to grade 9. It’s a journey. An educational playground. A family. Fessenden provides an academic experience that both supports and inspires boys to venture beyond their comfort zones. Additionally, by demonstrating kindness and respect, faculty and staff encourage students to grow, interact, and claim their identities with both confidence and humility.

You don’t have to imagine this world any longer. You’re invited this fall for a Fessenden Open House so you and your family can experience the transformative power of a Fessenden education firsthand. Visit to learn more.


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