Worcester Academy

Since 1834, Worcester Academy has been making life-changing experiences for students, families, and the community. From the hilltop vantage point in a historic Worcester neighborhood, the school sees things a little differently than most independent schools. While offering a rigorous curriculum centered on academic achievement and personal empowerment, the Academy moves students beyond the expected through a strong values-driven base, a knack for innovation, and an imaginative faculty.

Small class sizes keep kids engaged and allow for real learning and individualized attention. Students excel academically because they know a strong work ethic and a sense of purpose will boost their success in college and beyond. They’re nurtured in those beliefs and they are inspired to “Achieve the Honorable.”

Our teachers ignite imagination by designing authentic learning opportunities. WA faculty members encourage students to drive their learning through inquiry and real world problems. Visit worcesteracademy.org to experience the difference.

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