The Coolidge Succeeds in Digital Cinema Challenge

Last year, Coolidge Corner Theatre had no choice but to embrace the digital age. “Convert or die,” the industry told them, so the indie theater started the Digital Cinema Challenge to raise the funds necessary to equip their two main theaters with digital technology.

Yesterday, the Coolidge announced that it had successfully reached its $223,000 goal.

Executive director Denise Kasell thanked the public for their support:

The transition to digital projection is arguably the biggest transformation to hit the film industry since the advent of sound, and unfortunately, it may spell the end for many small cinemas that cannot afford this upgrade. As such, I cannot possibly overstate how grateful we are be a part of such a generous community, and to have audiences who recognize the value of the innovative, independent film programming we offer on a year-round basis.

This weekend, the theater will start showing Oscar-nominated animated shorts through February 14. (Today’s showings have been canceled, however, due to Winter Storm Nemo and the suspended service of the MBTA.)