Amy Poehler Pokes Fun at Boston College and Matt Damon, Makes Out with Bono, and Wins a Golden Globe Award

Best. Night. Ever.

There were plenty of highlights that took place during last night’s 71st annual Golden Globe Awards—Jennifer Lawrence photo/videobombing Taylor Swift, Aaron Paul’s (possibly final) “Yeah bitch!”, and Emma Thompson’s aloof, barefooted, drunken, and thoroughly entertaining presentation of Best Screenplay, just to name a few. But could it be that co-host Amy Poehler had the best night ever?

Let’s review:

She and Tina Fey returned to co-host the awards for the second time this year, and since Poehler already picked on Ben Affleck during last year’s monologue, this year she turned her attention to fellow Boston native Matt Damon, calling him “a garbage person” in comparison to the other stars in attendance:

Matt Damon is here for Behind the Candelabra. Matt, on any other night in any other room, you would be a big deal, but tonight—and don’t take this the wrong way—you’re basically a garbage person.

Watch it unfold below at 2:00:

Poehler’s best one-liner of the night though was teasing her alma mater, Boston College:

Masters of Sex… is the degree I got from Boston College.

Was BC mad? Probably not, as their Twitter account posted just minutes before the broadcast began:

Relive the zinger at 4:30 here:

And let’s not forget when Fey introduced us to her adult son, Randy:

But what really made this Amy Poehler’s best night ever was her win for Best Actress in a TV Series, Comedy or Musical. The Parks & Recreation star appeared during the nominee listing sitting on the lap of Bono, who was giving her a neck massage. As soon as Chris O’Donnell (also, curiously, a BC alum) called Poehler’s name, she immediately made out with her U2 masseuse and ran onstage.

Poehler was nominated twice before for her portrayal of Leslie Knope, and this was her first Golden Globe win. Watch her makeout session with Bono and acceptance speech here: