FOX Reportedly Teams Up with Director for Television Series About Boston Marathon

The show will be based on the lives of people impacted by the bombings.



There have been countless documentaries and television episodes that tell the stories about the events that took place at the Boston Marathon finish line last year, when two bombs exploded, forever changing the city and its residents. But now one network station is reportedly gearing up to possibly turn the tragedy into a full-length series. reports that writer and director Rod Lurie has signed on with FOX to create an “event series” about the April 15, 2013, attacks on Boylston Street, and dramatic accounts of what followed when police from surrounding communities teamed up to track down the alleged suspects, and victims recovered from their injuries.

According to their report, the untitled project is in development. wrote:

A former investigative crime journalist who said he’s writing the script ‘as we speak,’ noted that Fox and Thunder Road gave him one edict: accuracy. “In this case,” he said, “the accurate story is a phenomenal story.”

The series will allegedly be based on a book called Long Mile Home, which was written by Globe reporters Scott Helman and Jenna Russell. The book follows the lives of five marathon survivors that were injured in last year’s attack. The Hollywood Reporter also wrote about the collaboration between FOX and Lurie.

Lurie, known for his work on films like Last Castle, Resurrecting Champ, Straw Dogs, and Nothing but the Truth, recently took a trip to Boston to get a sense of the city’s pride and strength a year after the fatal attacks killed three people, and injured more than 260 others.  “Off to Boston to watch the Boston Marathon. These are the toughest, most resilient, bounce-backers in the United States,” he wrote on Twitter ahead of his arrival, on April 18.

According to, Lurie also posted on Facebook about his voyage to the East Coast to see what Boston had to offer. “It’s a big beautiful city with a bounce-back population that takes care, not just of its own, but others as well,” he wrote.

Boston reached out to both Lurie, and one of the authors of Long Mile Home, for comment about the series, but did not immediately receive a reply.