Watch the Pilot for Chasing Life

The new ABC Family show is filmed and based in Boston.

chasing life

Here, the protagonist of Chasing Life prepares to run through the Common—because how else would you get from the North End to Christopher Columbus Park?

In June, ABC Family rejoins the based-in-Boston fray with Chasing Life, a new TV show that was filmed in Boston. Based on the Spanish series Terminales, Chasing Life tells the story of a woman whose seemingly perfect life is turned upside-down when she finds out she has cancer.

To nab a few fans before the official premiere date on June 10, ABC Family has released the pilot for the show on their website (TV service provider required).

Season 1 episode 1 opens with scenic shots of the city and introduces us to April Carver (played by Italia Ricci), a 24-year-old who works at the pretend publication, The Boston Post, with some office scenes filmed at the Globe.

Right off the bat, she is running late for a charity blood drive, rushing from the past Union Oyster House, to the State House, where she presumably must trek across the Common, and then suddenly loops back through the trellis of Christopher Columbus Park, because how else is she supposed to get to the faux Boston Pediatric Hospital?

Map that path. It’s as silly as it sounds.

In short, April is moving on up at work, she starts dating her work crush, and life’s looking up…until her doctor uncle tells her she has leukemia.

Chasing Life‘s tone falls in line with other dramas on ABC Family, taking on serious issues with doe-eyed innocence. The show is generally void of cheesy Boston accents and Southie stereotypes—refreshing, even if it means those of us who live here have to deal with illogical commutes like the one described earlier.

The show gets extra credit simply for not being The Vineyard, Southie Rules, or Breaking Boston.


ABC Family has ordered 20 episodes for season 1 of Chasing Life, which premieres June 10 at 9 p.m. after Pretty Little Liars. You can watch the pilot now at