Matthew McConaughey’s New Movie Will Be Filmed in Massachusetts

Sea of Trees will be directed by Gus Van Sant and begins shooting this August.

Deadline has reported that Matthew McConaughey’s next movie, Sea of Trees, will shoot in Massachusetts next month. You know what this means, right? Matthew McConaughey, right here, all day, every day. All right, all right, all right.

McConaughey will play Arthur Brennan, a man who treks to the Sea of Trees, a dense forest at the base of Japan’s Mount Fuji where people go to think about life, death, and other existential things. He then meets a Japanese man who is also “lost in life,” and the two embark on a “journey of reflection” together, which enforces Brennan’s “will to live.”

Despite the premise sounding like a spiritual extra to Eat, Pray, Love, the film attached some pretty top-notch film professionals to its team. Set to direct the movie is Gus Van Sant of Good Will Hunting, and the film will also star Naomi Watts as Brennan’s wife and Ken Watanabe as Brennan’s Japanese friend. Emmy-nominated production designer Alex DiGerlando (True Detective), and Oscar-nominated costume designer Danny Glicker (Milk) are also on board.

The Globe reports that production kicked off on Monday in Foxboro, and will travel around the rest of the state through August. According to On Location Vacations, shooting resumed in the F. Filbert Hills State Forest off Mill Street in Foxboro, and that they rented the recreation hall/chapel at Cocasset River Recreation area through August 14.

Aside from shooting locally, and Sea of Trees will also film in Japan. This movie will be McConaughey’s first film since he won his Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club back in March.