A New ‘Trampoline Park’ Is Opening in Watertown

Launch Watertown will feature dodgeball tournaments and a 'Free Fall' attraction.

Image via Launch Watertown

Image via Launch Watertown

Right now, it’s nothing more than an old manufacturing facility left vacant by Raytheon. But come December, it will be home to one of the largest trampoline parks in New England, complete with a foam pit, dodgeball tournaments, and ample places for people to bounce around.

On Tuesday, September 2, Launch Franchising, a trampoline company co-owned by Robert Arnold and retired New England Patriots cornerback Ty Law, announced they will be opening a new location just outside of Boston called Launch Watertown.

“It’s going to be awesome. It’s a really fun place,” said Mark Murphy, a Boston native and the franchise owner for this particular trampoline park.

Within the franchise the Watertown park will become the fifth location. Murphy said since first opening in 2012, the company has opened parks in Delaware, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Norwood, Massachusetts.

The Watertown park, however, is set to be the largest facility within the company offering customers a whopping 37,000 square feet of space.

Murphy said he recently got approval from Watertown’s zoning board and met with officials from the Health Department this week. He said he’s secured the proper licensing, and should be able to submit building permit this week. From there, Launch Watertown will start building the park.

“Nothing is installed right now, it’s just an empty box. If there were trampolines in it, we would be open now,” Murphy said. “We’ve got to put it together. I tell people it’s like a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle—it’s just building it piece-by-piece.”

Once all of those pieces are in place, Murphy said the indoor park will feature slides on the main jumping court, long trampolines known as “tumble runs,” “Xtreme” dodgeball, and a “Free Fall” section, where visitors can jump from a tower into an inflatable stunt bag like people do on movie sets.

“It will be the first trampoline park to have a free fall,” said Murphy.

Boston is already home to a trampoline park called SkyZone.

To find out more about Launch Watertown, you can can follow updates on their Facebook and Twitter pages.