Candy Land Tournament Will Sweeten Up Faneuil Hall

Every kid leaves with a toy, because nobody's a loser in Candy Land.

There are board games out there that require a great deal of strategy and wit—chess, Monopoly, Scrabble, to name a few—and then there are board games like Candy Land.

Rivaled only by Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land is perhaps the most iconic kids board game of all. Its saccharine theme and brightly colored design makes it an ideal activity for little ones as they race past the Lollipop Woods, Gumdrop Mountains, and other sweet sites on the game board.

This month, Faneuil Hall Marketplace will once again invite Candy Land enthusiasts to take part in the 10th annual Candy Land Tournament in the Upper Rotunda of Quincy Market.

Kids and families can compete for prizes, but seeing as this is a game of pure luck and zero strategy whatsoever—plus, it’s for kids—all children will leave with a Hasbro game or toy. The $20 per group entry fee goes toward Pitching in for Kids, a nonprofit organization benefiting children in New England.

The only requirement to play is an ability to recognize colors, and whether you win or lose is already pre-determined by the initial shuffle of the cards. Target age group: two to four.

The Candy Land Tournament takes place in the morning, kicking off a full day of holiday events at Faneuil Hall Marketplace, all leading up to the evening Christmas Tree lighting and debut of Blink! A Light and Sound Extravaganza.


$20 per family, $5 per individual, Saturday, November 22, 10 a.m.-12 p.m., Upper Rotunda (second floor) Quincy Market, Faneuil Hall Marketplace,