Jimmy Fallon Continues to Be Our Favorite Non-Bostonian

Wednesday night's Tonight Show monologue included a montage of Massachusetts folks jumping out of windows into snowbanks.


Ah, Jimmy Fallon’s on that Boston beat again. While he accurately generalized our feelings toward Washington D.C.’s four inches of snow on Tuesday night’s Tonight Show, our fair city was the center of his monologue again on Wednesday—and, of course, the weather was the butt of the joke.

Fallon first cracked an antic about the hospitals:

“I read that officials are worried all the snow and freezing temperatures could really put a strain on hospitals. Not now, but in nine months when every woman in Boston is giving birth at the same time.”

And then he referenced Mayor Walsh’s statement about people jumping out of windows into snow banks:

“This is crazy, the mayor of Boston had to issue a statement telling residents to stop jumping from second-story windows and rooftops into giant piles of snow.”

Then he plays a montage of Boston residents jumping out of their windows, porches, and decks into giant snowbanks. His reaction:

fallon bosmag

“Do not do that at home unless you have a camera ready,” Fallon added.

Yes, we’ll second that.