Bernie Sanders and Larry David Made SNL Feel the Bern

Worlds finally collided.

Larry David and Bernie Sanders on 'Saturday Night Live'

Larry David and Senator Bernie Sanders on ‘Saturday Night Live’ Photo by Dana Edelson / NBC

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders finally joined his comedy doppleganger Larry David on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

The pair definitely made SNL feel the Bern as several skits in the episode were either devoted to or mentioned the Vermont senator.

Like his rival Hillary Clinton, Sanders got all dressed up for his surprise cameo and cracked a few jokes alongside David.

“I am Bernie Sandersyitsky,” Sanders said. “But we’re going to change it when we get to America, so it doesn’t sound quite so Jewish.”

Sanders didn’t have to do too much leg work on Saturday night, although he did break out his impression of David while introducing musical guest The 1975.

The Curb Your Enthusiasm star returned the favor in a hilarious skit titled Bern Your Enthusiasm.

The Democratic presidential hopeful also got a shout out during the Weekend Update portion of the show.

Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller stopped by dressed as their Zoolander 2 characters and gave candidates on both sides of the aisle a brutal fashion breakdown. Sanders’ not-so-chic style found itself on the receiving end of a harsh “Bern” from Derek Zoolander.

“Bernie’s a champion of the 99 percent,” Stiller said. “Apparently, the 99 percent off at JCPenney.”

While it was a long night, Sanders seemed to enjoy the fun and stuck around for the end of the show farewell before heading back to the campaign trail.