Watch: Jaws Gets an Honest Trailer in Honor of Shark Week

Screen Junkies's review of Steven Spielberg's classic film is surprisingly positive.

When Jaws first swam into theaters in 1975, Boston magazine’s review of the film was full of praise, saying that it “grabs you somewhere beneath your sternum, and for nearly two hours it doesn’t let you go.”

Four decades later, the Martha’s Vineyard-set flick still holds water as a top tier, summer blockbuster, as even Screen Junkies can’t help but give the movie some love in its latest Honest Trailer breakdown.

The overly-snarky YouTube channel, which has skewered everything from Matt Damon’s The Martian to Mark Wahlberg’s The Happening, takes a look back at Steven Spielberg’s classic film in honor of Shark Week, and the clip is surprisingly positive.

“The best directed, well cast, masterfully scored, cheeseball B-movie ever made,” declares the narrator.

The Honest Trailer does poke fun at the awful, subsequent Jaws sequels, as well as some of the film’s quirks, like the ridiculously dressed town mayor. Overall, though, the clip is quite positive and even praises the movie for not relying on unrealistic CGI.

“[Jaws] proves that you don’t need fancy CGI to make a great blockbuster,” the narrator says. “Just one of the best living directors, a perfect cast, and one of the most iconic scores of all time.”

Check out the Honest Trailer for Jaws above.