Tom Brady Isn’t Amused by Julian Edelman in This New Uggs Ad

TB12 doesn't fool around.

Tom Brady and Julian Edelman showed off their comedy chops in a new Uggs ad for the company’s “do nothing” campaign.

Since the Patriots wide receiver has a lot of love for the quarterback and hates missing out on events with Brady, it’s no surprise that Edelman tried to make the most of his time with TB12 in the hilarious clip. Unfortunately, Brady wasn’t amused by his pal and shut him down like an older brother telling his younger sibling to go away.

“I’m so bored. Let’s do something,” a fidgety Edelman asks Brady in the video.

“Naw, I’m good,” the quarterback replies, barely looking up from his tablet.

Somehow proving to be more annoying than Jeff Bridges, Edelman tries to get under Brady’s skin through a number of obnoxiously loud activities, including hitting golf balls indoors, making a fruit smoothie, and banging on a drum set. TB12 doesn’t bite, though, and ignores Edelman’s antics.

The clip ends with the receiver passing out on the floor, and all Brady can say in response is, “Dude.” Seriously, Edelman needs to take a chill pill.

No wonder Brady didn’t invite him to date night with Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and (possibly) Chris Evans.

Check out the full video above.