Jimmy Kimmel Hopes Casey Affleck Wins an Oscar After ‘Stealing’ Matt Damon’s Role

'How sweet would that be?'

He may be a bit biased, but Jimmy Kimmel really hopes Casey Affleck wins an Academy Award this year, mostly so he can rub it in Matt Damon’s face.

Affleck dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night to chat about his new film Manchester by the Sea, a role that was originally set to go to Damon. The Good Will Hunting star was also going to direct the Massachusetts-set drama, but was forced to turn down the part and ended up becoming a producer on the project, which is how Affleck got involved.

“He was going to direct the movie,” Affleck told the late-night host. “Another friend of mine, not yours, John Krasinski was going to also be in it.”

Due to his longstanding feud with the actor, Kimmel admitted that he would love to see Affleck win an Oscar for a role that he “stole” from Damon.

“I would love it so much if you won an Oscar for a role that Matt opted out of,” Kimmel said. “How sweet would that be? I’m going to make it my mission for the next three months to see to it, to do everything in my power to make sure that happens.”

“He passes on all the good ones,” Affleck added.

Check out more from Affleck’s chat with Kimmel above.